LAH unites strategy with design to create, transform, and innovate brands. We offer on-demand strategic design leadership, create minimum viable brands for quick market entry, and shape brands to keep pace with the digital landscape.


Fractional Design Leadership
Strategic design leadership as a flexible, on-demand service, enabling businesses to access high-level expertise without the commitment of a full-time in-house senior role. The delivery of this service is adaptable, shaped to specifically address the unique needs and challenges of each business.

Minimum Viable Brand
Through a series of design sprints, we identify a brand's positioning, create its unique expression, and build a flexible toolkit. This rapid process lays the foundation for a solid, scalable brand, empowering businesses to effectively communicate their distinctive value proposition. This approach ensures a quick market entry, with a brand built to adapt and grow.

Brand Transformation
A comprehensive service that reinvents brands to align with new objectives and to adapt to the evolving digital landscape. It ensures your brand remains relevant, resonates with current market expectations, and is designed to be cohesive across all touchpoints.

AI-powered Creativity
We leverage emerging technologies to optimize the design process and create innovative experiences. This service is ideal for businesses looking to incorporate AI into their products or design process. Utilizing AI as a tool, we push the boundaries of what's possible in creating engaging experiences.

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LAH is a design consultancy that blends strategy, functionality and aesthetics. Led by Lars Hansson, a multi-disciplinary Creative Director and Designer with over two decades of international design experience, our approach is rooted in the simplicity, craftsmanship, and innovation of his Swedish heritage.

Lars honed his expertise at places like Stockholm Design Lab and R/GA, working with clients ranging from early stage startups to large corporations across various industries and formats. This led him to work with some of the world's most recognized brands, including Spotify, Verizon, Oprah’s Book Club, Samsung, Nike, Volvo Cars, and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences.

Our approach is straightforward: listen, understand, design, then learn. This methodology turns complex challenges into effective solutions that drive meaningful results. With a distributed network of global talent, LAH offers high-quality design solutions at a more accessible price point, while maintaining the same level of expertise and experience as the world's leading agencies.

Client Experience

Oprah’s Book Club
Golden Globes
Academy of Motion Picture
Arts and Sciences

Volvo Cars
Western Digital
San Disk
Spark Labs Group
C2 Financial
Happy Money
The Home Depot


Creative Direction
Brand Identity
Brand Guidelines
Brand Activation
Brand Management
Experience Design
Product Design
Website Design
Website Development
Design Systems
Design Management
Graphic Design
Art Direction

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